Thursday, April 22, 2010

Repercussions of a Great Lesson

I think I may have taken Gene Pokorny's lessons to a whole new level. When I went to play my tuba today (after have played 5 consecutive hours yesterday), I found that my "chops" were shot. I couldn't get good tone for the life of me all day. On top of that, this "Life Sketches" concert isn't helping, having me blow every pedal note I possibly could. My lungs and lip muscles have never been so... unresponsive. I'm actually very nervous about my recital tomorrow. For the last couple days, I have been having response issues and it isn't seeming to get any better. At least I'm working.

Regarding the mission: I'm still waiting for my papers. Every day makes me more and more anxious. My mission is going to be such a great experience. I actually woke up to a dream about my mission. It showed a classic mission scene: my companion and I walking down the street - tags on, BOM's in hand, and smiles on our faces. Previously, I have had dreams regarding where I may be called to, but nothing ever this vivid. It was trippy, but very refreshing. I'M GOING ON A MISSION!

I have received word from my roommate Chip Wiggin that Nate Smith and Jon La Follette are coming down tomorrow. That is going to be a ton of fun. Although i have a busy day tomorrow with my recital and concert, I believe it will turn out to be a good day. We may even go camping! :D

Well, it's late enough for me to feel the weight of my eyelids. I guess it's time for bed. G' Night.