Friday, April 30, 2010

One Thing After Another

Mission Call after Mission Call! It's getting insane! Just try and follow:

Shad LeFevere - Got his call yesterday to Uganda, Africa
Mikey Morris - Got his call today to Asuncion, Paraguay
Abel Whatcott - Also got his call today to Eugene, Oregon
Andrew Mestas - Should get his call next week

And they just keep coming. With that, many of my friends are coming home:

Richard Wood - Returns in May from Lima, Peru
Douglas Kelly - Returns in June from Rome, Italy
Enoch Hunsaker - Returns in June from Anaheim, California
Steven Pond - Returns in August from San Jose, California

So, in a nutshell, My mind is absolutely boggled at the amount of mission calls there are. Never in my life has this been so prominent. Every mission I hear about makes me so excited; it's almost surreal to hear about where everyone is going. I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm sitting hear in Mary Nielson, all by myself. The school year is over, and many friends are gone. Some of these friends are gone forever, others only for a short while. Regardless, I look back over the past semester and have nothing but good things to say. It has been an incredibly uplifting semester, meeting new friends that care for me more than I ever thought they would. This love is what I truly find in a friend; someone who is willing to take time out of their busy lives (which is the description of any college student's life) to make sure I'm alright. I don't ask for their help, which astounds me. They just... do it. It's amazing. Thanks to all the friends I met here at Snow College. To those I will see again, good luck these next two years. God Speed and my love goes out to you. To those I won't see again, KEEP IN TOUCH!!! Our friendship did not end at Finals Week. Know that I will always want to hear from you. You are my brothers and sister of my college family. God be with you 'till we meet again.