Friday, April 30, 2010

One Thing After Another

Mission Call after Mission Call! It's getting insane! Just try and follow:

Shad LeFevere - Got his call yesterday to Uganda, Africa
Mikey Morris - Got his call today to Asuncion, Paraguay
Abel Whatcott - Also got his call today to Eugene, Oregon
Andrew Mestas - Should get his call next week

And they just keep coming. With that, many of my friends are coming home:

Richard Wood - Returns in May from Lima, Peru
Douglas Kelly - Returns in June from Rome, Italy
Enoch Hunsaker - Returns in June from Anaheim, California
Steven Pond - Returns in August from San Jose, California

So, in a nutshell, My mind is absolutely boggled at the amount of mission calls there are. Never in my life has this been so prominent. Every mission I hear about makes me so excited; it's almost surreal to hear about where everyone is going. I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm sitting hear in Mary Nielson, all by myself. The school year is over, and many friends are gone. Some of these friends are gone forever, others only for a short while. Regardless, I look back over the past semester and have nothing but good things to say. It has been an incredibly uplifting semester, meeting new friends that care for me more than I ever thought they would. This love is what I truly find in a friend; someone who is willing to take time out of their busy lives (which is the description of any college student's life) to make sure I'm alright. I don't ask for their help, which astounds me. They just... do it. It's amazing. Thanks to all the friends I met here at Snow College. To those I will see again, good luck these next two years. God Speed and my love goes out to you. To those I won't see again, KEEP IN TOUCH!!! Our friendship did not end at Finals Week. Know that I will always want to hear from you. You are my brothers and sister of my college family. God be with you 'till we meet again.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Snowball Effect

Who ever thought the excitement of a mission call could just, for lack of a better word, snowball into what today has turned into! After taking my chemistry final, I spent the majority of my day drooling over all the different things that are going to be going on in my mission! I also looked up detailed facts about the Palmyra New York Temple! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to spend 2 years there!

Shad received his mission call today. He's going to Uganda! He goes into the South Africa MTC on Sept. 9. So, he'll be here for my farewell! And I'll be here for his homecoming! I am so stoked for him. So far, he's speaking English, but we won't know until he is in the MTC. It is going to be such an incredible mission. I am so happy for him; he is going to be a fantastic missionary and I wish him the best of luck. God Speed, Elder.

I wish I could say more, but I tired. More info coming tomorrow!

Office of the First Presidency...

Dear Elder Adair:

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the New York Rochester Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months.

You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the English Language. Your assignment may be modified according to the needs of the mission president.

This is so insane! I finally have my mission call! I have waited 19 years and I'm going to where the Restoration of the Gospel BEGAN! My mission covers Palmyra, Fayette, Buffalo, and even Niagara Falls! I am so excited! I go into the MTC 6 DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY! AGH!

MTC Mailing Address:
Elder Sean Ryan Adair
New York Rochester Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

Mission Home Address:
Elder Sean Ryan Adair
New York Rochester Mission
100 Perinton Hills Office Prk Ste 120
Fairport, NY 14450-3603

Thanks again to all that were able to make it! I should find out when my farewell is soon. Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Some May Call "Hell Week"

I am happy to say that my Finals Week is fairly calm. With one final today, tomorrow and Friday, I have found ample amount of time to get all the things I need done taken care of. Today is my Music Theory Final which, in my opinion, is the most important. I feel pretty good about it and have done well in the class all semester. My chemistry class was painfully easy, so the Final shouldn't be so bad. My Public Speaking class wasn't too bad. What I don't like is that our Final is a Group Presentation, or in other words, my Final Grade is dependent on their preparation. I think my entire group is cool, but I would much rather have my final grade solely my responsibility. I guess we'll see what happens...

My Mission call should be coming in TODAY or TOMORROW! I am so stoked!!! This is your time for last minute guesses. If my call doesn't come this week, it will come next week. Let me tell why this is a "problem", if I can even call it that: I leave for California next Thursday. If I receive my call while in California, I won't be able to open it until the following Tuesday. THAT IS NO BUENO! So, let's just hope it comes today!

I found out yesterday that my Uncle Craig was in Ephraim at Noon. Of course, I don't hear about this until 3:30pm. I saw that I missed a call from him and was returning the call. He said him and his mom were in town, because he had to take his mom to the hospital in Gunnison and figured they would drive back through Manti and Ephraim and say hi. Well, I had been at the Music Building cleaning out my locker and turning in Music at the time, with my phone on the charger back at the dorm. I was a little miffed, seeing that my Uncle Craig and I are just as good of friends as family. It's ok, though. I'll see him next week when I head off to California! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Spontaneous Weekend

Nothing quite like needing (wanting) Wendy's at 11:00 at night. Unfortunately, the closest one was in Nephi. That didn't stop me. :) Shad, Erin, Jess, Karen and I drove all the way to Nephi in hopes of getting a Baconator. Too bad Wendy's closes at 12:00 am, since that is when we arrived... :(

What a great weekend! Not a whole lot went on, but it was the last weekend I will be having in Ephraim for a long time. I had a great time with friends, finished off the "Life Sketches" concert, and managed to do some studying (SOME studying).

As for today, Sunday, we had a quasi-testimony meeting (minus the fasting 'n' such) to finish off the semester. There were many tears and many smiling faces. Toward the end of the meeting, I got up to bear my testimony, but I didn't really know what to say. So, scatter-brained and bewildered, I fumbled through a testimony that ended up having a adhesive ending. I was able to express my appreciation to all my friends I had met at Snow, as well as appreciate the opportunity the Lord has given me to be in such a wonderful ward. They have made me live the way I wanted to live and kept me on track for the next upcoming months.

Hopefully the call comes in 4 days!!! 4 DAYS?!?!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

I really thought yesterday was going to be a joke. For the last couple days, I had been having a difficult time playing my instrument, as well as managing my time correctly without forgetting something. However, I felt the Lord's hand throughout the day as everything seemed to simply fall into place.

My biggest fear were my juries and recital. As i've stated, playing has been extremely difficult because of how much I have played. As the time of juries came closer, I didn't think I could perform to the caliber I had previously proven to myself and my instructor, Rusty McKinney. I then took the advice of my mom and prayed for help. As I walked into the jury room, I realized that playing was just as easy as before. Every note sounded clearly and I felt very good about my execution. Later on that day, I performed "Andante and Rondo" from the Concerto for Double Bass by Antonio Capuzzi, arranged by Philip Catelinet. My sound had never been so pure and rich. I was very glad to have performed so well. There were times where I could have done better, but overall, I was very pleased.

Later that day was the first night of the "Life Sketches" concert. Surprisingly, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. When we performed our numbers, both in the Wind Ensemble and the Chamber Choir, we sounded beautiful. When I wasn't performing, I spent my time being who everyone knows me to be: the clown. But I believe I have found the perfect level of allowance. In other words, I have been able to gauge how much is too much, and am successful at avoiding that threshold. I felt happy the entire time because I looked around and saw many people (girls especially) giggling and laughing at my genuine idiocy. I love it!

So yesterday, Nate and Jon showed up. It was so awesome to chill with those guys again. We went to the Institute Stomp after the Life Sketches concert. To my surprise, It was way fun. After all, I got to dance and enjoy myself with more girls than I have this entire semester. It more than proved that it isn't the dance that makes it fun, but the people you're with that makes it enjoyable. Besides, I love being able to hang with my brothers, especially since the time I have with them is short.

Just FYI: mission call should be here this THURSDAY! Fingers crossed...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Repercussions of a Great Lesson

I think I may have taken Gene Pokorny's lessons to a whole new level. When I went to play my tuba today (after have played 5 consecutive hours yesterday), I found that my "chops" were shot. I couldn't get good tone for the life of me all day. On top of that, this "Life Sketches" concert isn't helping, having me blow every pedal note I possibly could. My lungs and lip muscles have never been so... unresponsive. I'm actually very nervous about my recital tomorrow. For the last couple days, I have been having response issues and it isn't seeming to get any better. At least I'm working.

Regarding the mission: I'm still waiting for my papers. Every day makes me more and more anxious. My mission is going to be such a great experience. I actually woke up to a dream about my mission. It showed a classic mission scene: my companion and I walking down the street - tags on, BOM's in hand, and smiles on our faces. Previously, I have had dreams regarding where I may be called to, but nothing ever this vivid. It was trippy, but very refreshing. I'M GOING ON A MISSION!

I have received word from my roommate Chip Wiggin that Nate Smith and Jon La Follette are coming down tomorrow. That is going to be a ton of fun. Although i have a busy day tomorrow with my recital and concert, I believe it will turn out to be a good day. We may even go camping! :D

Well, it's late enough for me to feel the weight of my eyelids. I guess it's time for bed. G' Night.


That's about all I can say after today. I have had one thing after another hit me like a ton of bricks. For starters, I had a P.E. Final this morning. I felt good about it, but I believe that is the drowsy feeling of waking up at 7:00 for the class. Following that, I had Music Theory. It wasn't too bad. Just learning about the same stuff... for the third time. Ugh. Then Chemistry came (pointless class). We critiqued a movie about the idea of Global Warming being a scam. I did my theory homework instead. Following that was Wind Ensemble, where I proceeded to follow the direction of Gene Pokorny and his workshop yesterday. Things just kept piling as the day went on. I practiced for my recital (with AND without my accompanist - Thanks Again, Allyn) and then sat in on a 3-hour rehearsal in the hot, sweaty pit underneath the stage. No bueno.

Now, imagine doing all this yourself... without any food inside your belly. I figured I would have some time to maybe get a bite. All I got was a little Mac & Cheese, which you all should know is not nearly enough for me. So, what's the best part. I get to do it all again tomorrow. Ya... Not too excited.

But my spirits are high! Why? Because another guy in my dorm (Sam Thomson) just received his mission call to Mexico! Every time I hear of a mission call, I get so excited. Mine is coming soon!!! I wait eagerly for my call to arrive. :) Well, I'm off to bed, seeing that it is already tomorrow... What does that even mean? I don't know, but Good Night! :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Exciting, Tuba Filled Day

My first blog! Hope you like it! I don't really know what I'm doing, but whatever. :P

Yesterday afternoon, my Mom called me to tell me that my Mission Papers have been sent in. In theory, I should recieve my mission call around the 29th of April. We do not know whether that will happen or not. Nevertheless, I have high and anxious hopes for the day I recieve the envelope. If you have guesses, feel free to post them on my Facebook group entitled "Sean Ryan "Teddy" Adair's Mission". I would love to hear from you. :D

As for the day today, I have a very unique opportunity to study under the direction of Gene Pokorny, Principle Tubist of the Chicago Symphony. In his master class, we learned a unique concept of warmup that has already helped my overall execution of Tuba playing, focused mainly on the aspect of breathing. Following that, Josh Jensen and I played for him and recieved pointers and tips unique for each of us. I believe Josh and all the others in attendance would agree that it was an extremely successful workshop. Following the workshop, he gave a spectacular performance; this included "Three Piano Preludes" by George Gershwin, "Jabba the Hutt" by John Williams, and "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen" by Edvard Grieg. His incredible execution of each number was astounding, particularly to me as a tuba player. Now that I know what a Tuba really sounds like, I have no reason to not improve my sound from here on out.

I believe that is all for today. Again, if you would like to guess on where I may go on my mission, feel free at the Facebook group to post them.