Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

I really thought yesterday was going to be a joke. For the last couple days, I had been having a difficult time playing my instrument, as well as managing my time correctly without forgetting something. However, I felt the Lord's hand throughout the day as everything seemed to simply fall into place.

My biggest fear were my juries and recital. As i've stated, playing has been extremely difficult because of how much I have played. As the time of juries came closer, I didn't think I could perform to the caliber I had previously proven to myself and my instructor, Rusty McKinney. I then took the advice of my mom and prayed for help. As I walked into the jury room, I realized that playing was just as easy as before. Every note sounded clearly and I felt very good about my execution. Later on that day, I performed "Andante and Rondo" from the Concerto for Double Bass by Antonio Capuzzi, arranged by Philip Catelinet. My sound had never been so pure and rich. I was very glad to have performed so well. There were times where I could have done better, but overall, I was very pleased.

Later that day was the first night of the "Life Sketches" concert. Surprisingly, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. When we performed our numbers, both in the Wind Ensemble and the Chamber Choir, we sounded beautiful. When I wasn't performing, I spent my time being who everyone knows me to be: the clown. But I believe I have found the perfect level of allowance. In other words, I have been able to gauge how much is too much, and am successful at avoiding that threshold. I felt happy the entire time because I looked around and saw many people (girls especially) giggling and laughing at my genuine idiocy. I love it!

So yesterday, Nate and Jon showed up. It was so awesome to chill with those guys again. We went to the Institute Stomp after the Life Sketches concert. To my surprise, It was way fun. After all, I got to dance and enjoy myself with more girls than I have this entire semester. It more than proved that it isn't the dance that makes it fun, but the people you're with that makes it enjoyable. Besides, I love being able to hang with my brothers, especially since the time I have with them is short.

Just FYI: mission call should be here this THURSDAY! Fingers crossed...