Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Some May Call "Hell Week"

I am happy to say that my Finals Week is fairly calm. With one final today, tomorrow and Friday, I have found ample amount of time to get all the things I need done taken care of. Today is my Music Theory Final which, in my opinion, is the most important. I feel pretty good about it and have done well in the class all semester. My chemistry class was painfully easy, so the Final shouldn't be so bad. My Public Speaking class wasn't too bad. What I don't like is that our Final is a Group Presentation, or in other words, my Final Grade is dependent on their preparation. I think my entire group is cool, but I would much rather have my final grade solely my responsibility. I guess we'll see what happens...

My Mission call should be coming in TODAY or TOMORROW! I am so stoked!!! This is your time for last minute guesses. If my call doesn't come this week, it will come next week. Let me tell why this is a "problem", if I can even call it that: I leave for California next Thursday. If I receive my call while in California, I won't be able to open it until the following Tuesday. THAT IS NO BUENO! So, let's just hope it comes today!

I found out yesterday that my Uncle Craig was in Ephraim at Noon. Of course, I don't hear about this until 3:30pm. I saw that I missed a call from him and was returning the call. He said him and his mom were in town, because he had to take his mom to the hospital in Gunnison and figured they would drive back through Manti and Ephraim and say hi. Well, I had been at the Music Building cleaning out my locker and turning in Music at the time, with my phone on the charger back at the dorm. I was a little miffed, seeing that my Uncle Craig and I are just as good of friends as family. It's ok, though. I'll see him next week when I head off to California! :)