Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Shirts, No Shoes... No Sweat!

This is so awesome! I just went and got my missionary clothes yesterday!!! Mr. Mac had this great deal where I could get two suit coats, four pairs of pants, 8 white shirts, 5 silk ties, and two pairs of Florsheime dress shoes all for $695.00+tax! I saved about $400! You wanna know the best part. I payed for it all!

For Father's Day, I recorded a CD for my dad. He loved it and I decided, to help pay for my mission, I would sell these CDs for $10 a piece to anyone who would like one. It has been a big success! * Note - Anyone who would like a CD, I direct you to my Facebook page for more information! *

On top of that, I have also been doing various yardwork jobs for family and friends. That has brought in a lot of money as well. In about 3 weeks, I have managed to make almost $1000! I am proud to say that I have help pay for my mission, and I still have 17 Days... whoa... 17 Days...